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You can rely on BSKz for keeping your Mission Critical IT environments up and running. In your own data center, or just any cloud provider.

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system and is one of the most used server platforms. In the area of Mission Critical IT, Linux is the market leader. Linux is distributed under an open-source license and is therefore freely available. Linux has a number of different versions. These versions are called distributions, such as SUSE, RedHat, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Why choose Linux Managed Services from BSKz?

We know what it takes to keep your Linux environments up and running, 24/7. We can manage your environments remotely in the Cloud, your data center, or from our own clouds. BSKz architects and engineers have over 15 years of experience with Mission Critical IT running Unix & Linux infrastructures. We can offer you cost-effective solutions with the following benefits:

  • 24×7 mission-critical support w/out your own partner manager.
  • Unique monitoring & management system integrating with all environments including Public Cloud Providers: Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • We are ITIL-certified professionals.

24×7 Monitoring & Management Services

The Linux stack often forms the basis of your business-critical application & infrastructure. Proactive assembly and management of this environment is therefore a requirement. The BSKz team manages your environment 24/7 and ensures that your environment is always up-to-date with the right patches and updates.

  • Mission Critical IT application environments: RedHat, SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu.
  • DevOps & Management tools: Ansible & Puppet.

Cloud Management

You have transitioned to the Public Cloud? BSKz has multi-cloud monitoring and management solution out-of-the0-box for all major cloud providers such as: Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform

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