Data Protection
& Data Management Solutions

Companies turn to us

When their technology struggles under all the demands placed on it Companies turn to us. With Data Storage and Data Protection advice tailored to them, we help transform today’s toughest challenges into tomorrow’s most remarkable successes. We got your enterprise needs covered.

Our ability to translate your needs into a solution will prove to be pivotal. Our professional services team is able to approach every project with the understanding you deserve, no project is small enough as our engagement models are flexible.

Our senior-level technical team will be guiding your project turn-by-turn so no little detail is left behind.

Securely Protect, and Manage Your Storage Systems

Does not matter the type of business you’re in, you need reliable storage, data protection, and data recovery you can count on. Today’s block and file storage technologies, combined with multiple data protection features, are complex. BSKz’s Managed Storage Services turns our engineers into your storage administrators, freeing your staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Our team provides expertise and management while you stay in complete control of your data.

Cloud & Virtualization

Virtualization and cloud computing are closely related technologies that have greatly impacted the way organizations use and manage IT resources. Virtualization is a technology that allows a single physical server to run multiple virtual machines, each with its own operating system and applications. This allows organizations to consolidate multiple servers onto a single physical server, reducing hardware costs and increasing resource utilization.

Data Protection
Backups | Restores | Recovery

The worst time to find out your data is not recoverable, is when you need that the most. Data protection is challenging, but the true test is recovery and restore. So the question becomes, “How can you protect your company’s business-critical data while keeping it easily accessible, always compliant, and recoverable in the event something goes wrong?” Let us take the pain out of data protection and architect a cost-effective solution that will simplify how you manage backups and guarantee your data is secure, compliant, and easily recoverable.

Managed Services

We know what it takes to keep your Linux environments up and running, 24/7. We can manage your environments remotely in the Cloud, your data center, or from our own clouds. BSKz architects and engineers have over 15 years of experience with Mission Critical IT running Unix & Linux infrastructures. We can offer you cost-effective solutions with the following benefits

OUR Expertise

BSKz: In the past, we used to be colleagues working for the same corporation

we dealt with thousands of challenges working together for more than 10 years.
We are proud Engineers and Architects that embrace technology and make it for the benefit of our customers. We keep up with today’s demands, and we’re glad you found us. BSKz is harnessing the momentum of technology’s constant breakthroughs.

Managed Services
Windows | Azure | AWS

Our Mission Critical team manage many large Microsoft windows server environments with VMware|Hyper-V|Azure|AWS as server virtualization platforms. BSKz can provide a modular approach for delivering monitoring and managed services for your Windows Server and Azure Cloud environments. Either migrating workloads to the cloud, adopt a hybrid cloud model for your IT infrastructure, we are able to support your endeavors.

Data Security

Either PCI or GDPR. We do have professionals trained to scan and validate the contents of your systems to identify vulnerabilities which will include your network devices as well. PCI scans are typically performed by a qualified security assessor (QSA) or an approved scanning vendor (ASV), who will use specialized tools and techniques to scan for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

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