Who we are

In the past, we used to be colleagues working for the same corporation, we dealt with thousands of challenges working together for more than 10 years. Later down the road, we decided to become more than siloed advisors, we became a services firm company.

We are proud Engineers and Architects that embrace technology and make it for the benefit of our customers. We keep up with today’s demands, and we’re glad you found us. BSKz is harnessing the momentum of technology’s constant breakthroughs. We want to use our experience to help our clients push past boundaries and define success on their terms.

Among our professionals, we are business strategists & solutions architects + engineers who understand the big panorama and the small bits and bytes are both important. Our goal is to provide a solution crafted especially for your needs and we excel at that.

We will rip off the bandaid, we are extremely committed, and most important we don’t sugarcoat. We will make sure you understand exactly what you have, where to go, and where the breakpoint should be. We are here to help and follow through with our clients.

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